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Are You Lucky in Business?

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14th March

If you own a business, you are probably used to having some ups and downs. The wonderful thing about being independent is that you have more control over your future than most people will ever enjoy. But the challenge is that you can be significantly impacted by circumstances that appear to be beyond your control. The fact is that hard work is only part of the equation. There are some years when fortune will seem to smile on you and others when calamity comes from nowhere to knock you back a step or two. Here’s a look at the role “luck” can play in your business—and our favorite FranNetDFW tips for creating your own luck!

Unlucky Events That Can Hurt Your Business

To start with, we can all acknowledge that there are some things we can’t necessarily foresee or control at an … Read More »

Three Things I Learned at the Franchise Expo

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10th February

The Franchise Expo last month was bustling with activity. There’s so much opportunity in this space that it can be completely overwhelming—especially for prospective business owners. As I talked to attendees, I noticed some definite patterns in the challenges they were facing. If you are thinking about visiting an exposition, here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you avoid common mistakes and make the most of your time.

#1 Information Overload Is a Real Problem

Planning and organization are the keys to getting the most out of your experience. You will talk to so many people that you won’t be able to remember them all. You’ll also leave with a pretty intimidating stack of brochures. Here are a couple of tips to help you sort it all out.

If you have access to a list of the franchisors in advance, mark … Read More »

How 2016 Can Make This Year Even Better for Your Business

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6th January

One of the most exciting things about owning a business is that each year offers a fresh opportunity to grow. But that growth is always based on the foundation you’ve built so far. Right now is the perfect time to take in the lessons learned in the last 12 months and see how far you’ve come. Here are some tips from FranNetDFW on how you can make the most of 2017 by looking back and then pressing forward.

Identify Your Successes

Success is always one of the best motivators for a business owner, so never skimp on celebration when you meet or exceed milestones. The activities and behaviors that led to these accomplishments should be reinforced and replicated across your organization. Take a moment to reflect on unexpected successes as well. These are often clues to help you uncover new opportunities.

Example: If … Read More »

Are You Uncertain about the Future—Or Thankful for New Business Opportunities?

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16th November

With so much turmoil going on in 2016, it’s not surprising that we feel thankful that election season has reached its conclusion. While some people may be eager to get back to the routines of daily life, others are anxious about what changes the coming years may hold. Here’s a little perspective and some encouragement if you are uncertain about whether this is a good time to start a business—along with some tips for cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

There Is No Such Thing as “Business as Usual”

There never has been, and that’s OK. The fact is that our culture, technology, and the economy are always in flux—and change is happening more rapidly than ever. While it may seem like a big risk to start a business during such tumultuous times, it’s actually a perfect opportunity. Being a business owner is … Read More »

Preparing Your Business for a Bountiful Harvest

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20th October

Fall is in full swing, and it is harvest season once again. This is the time of year to gather in the crops that were planted many months ago. For business owners, it’s a wonderful time to pause and reflect with gratitude on all that has grown to fruition over the past years. But what if you are still new to your business? What if there’s not much to show for your efforts yet?

Starting out is exciting. Yet once the initial rush has passed the real work begins. When the seeds of a business have been planted, there’s a lot of watering and cultivation that takes place before harvest time. During the first few years when you seem to be spending all your time nurturing your seedling business, it is tough to imagine the eventual rewards. It can also be … Read More »

It’s a Great Era for Women in Business

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23rd September

For women who have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a fantastic time to explore business ownership. At FranNet, we have seen a marked increase in the number of women who are going through the process and successfully starting a franchise. In fact, the percentage of female franchisees has jumped 36% over the last five years. That’s a huge encouragement to women who feel stuck in a rigid job structure that doesn’t allow them the flexibility to meet the needs of family—or for women who are interested in creating a strong income source for any reason.

Could you be next? To enjoy a webinar specifically for women looking into franchise opportunities, sign up for our event on October 20th.

Hear from a Female FranNet Client

We had the opportunity to interview FranNetDFW client Anita E. recently about some of the reasons she chose to … Read More »

Are You Ready To Get Back To Business?

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12th August

Selecting and setting up a business takes time and focus. With the kids or grandkids going back to school this month, you just might have a little more free space to get this process underway. Whether you are leaving the traditional workforce to seek a more fulfilling opportunity, pursuing your next entrepreneurial adventure, or coming out of retirement to try your hand at growing something exciting, this is a great time to get started. We are here to provide the education you need to pick the right opportunity.

At FranNetDFW, we are stocking your “Back to Business” backpack with the supplies you need for this intensive learning experience. We understand that you are the expert on what makes you tick. You know what motivates you, what drains you, how comfortable you are with risk, and how your self-identity shapes your definition … Read More »

Generational Collaboration Makes Franchising a Family Business

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20th June

What do Baby Boomers and Millennials have in common when it comes to career planning? More than you might suppose. Both groups are increasingly disillusioned with the traditional career path: Find a job, work hard to get promoted, save and invest some of your salary, and hope to retire someday. That’s not how things are playing out for many Americans these days. That’s one reason they come to FranNet DFW—they are hungry for different options.

Entrepreneurship Beckons All Age Groups

Many professionals in their fifties and sixties are burnt out at their traditional jobs—but still not ready to sail off into the sunset. Others find themselves suddenly in transition due to downsizing and unsure of what to do next. Young men and women in their twenties to mid-thirties are facing pressure to find jobs in an economy where a college degree may … Read More »

The How of Business Featuring Sara Waskow

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15th June

On the most recent podcast episode of The How OF Business, FranNet Consultant Sara Waskow talks about the benefits of business ownership, and how franchising can be the best path to owning your own business.

Check out the podcast HERE

Ready to Quit but Not Retire? Franchising Over 50

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10th May

Entrepreneurship may be viewed as the province of the young, but new business owners are just as likely to be in their silver years. That’s a compelling statistic from a study sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and LegalZoom. In fact, 35% of new business owners in the U.S. are over the age of 50. At FranNet DFW, we’ve certainly found that mature professionals make excellent franchise owners. Here’s a look at some of the reasons our older clients are looking for new opportunities and some of the special considerations for this age group.

Why Franchise Now?

Previous generations may have been looking forward to retirement at the end of a long career at this stage in life. But today’s professionals over 50 are simply looking for their next big career change. They tend to be tired of the rat race of the … Read More »